Kep1er - Wing Wing

Kep1er - Wing Wing постер
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  • Длительность: 03:20
  • Жанр: Разные
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Текст песни Wing Wing
Buzzin' Hi there, watch me! Spreadin’ my wings Hands up to the sky Knock on my door and I’ll open My heart beats “Ra pa pa pam” Again: Ra pa pa pam Let’s go La ta ta ta5 Go higher Our vibe is fire Got this fever, fever, fever, boom! Get loud, unleash a sound wave on the world Hold me tight just like in my dream Now let me soar beyond the light To your sweet honey Hear my wing buzzin’ Wing Wing Wing Wing Sucked in by your sound, reverberating When I get there, I’m gonna Make it burn Enjoy a dream The one I’ll whisper to you forever Buzzin'
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