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Stray Kids - HEYDAY

Stray Kids - HEYDAY постер
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  • Длительность: 02:24
  • Жанр: Разные
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Текст песни HEYDAY
Footsteps haunting that appear everywhere After looking at it, it is like a rhombus to the east, west, south, and north Spreading out in all directions His talent is 100% pure Jeju Island is good, an open breathing space Short but thick old cliché It's dripping with long and thick blood sweats Properly set-up table The truth is that the table top has been overturned It's crowded with people Prepare the shutter Pull it close, zoom in Jealousy, sit envious in a silent prayer Look at the shivers in your body Pikachu, pika, pika, pika In front of the mirror and under the lights Thick sweat is dripping Winnin' every league in my sleep 'Cause I make-make-make my dreams all reality Feelin' like a beast at the peak 'Cause I finna crea-a-ate my trees of integrity Engineering fights going melee Legendary like Tiger JK Grab another pint on a payday (Mayday, mayday) Dance in my heyday
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